Before you buy a house or other real estate, you’ll want to get a buyers agent. That’s because buying a home, or any property  is no laughing matter. It’s a risk of course, and a costly one at that. You don’t want to gamble with that kind of commitment.

How can a buyer agent help? In fact, a buyer agent can be your best resource as you wade through the property buying process. Let’s say you are searching for a vacation home. Your buyer agent will sit down with you and go through your lists of wants and needs. You will also talk about the financial constraints. Your buyer agent will then explain to you what he or she knows about the market at the moment, and give recommendations. Your agent will then search for properties, keeping in mind the information you have given her. Your agent will help you narrow your choices until you have selected the home you’re looking for. At that point, your agent will negotiate price for you, making an offer and dealing with a potential counter offer. Your agent will also be there for the housing inspection and will negotiate with the sellers if repairs are needed. Finally, when you are ready to sign the paperwork, your agent will be there, making sure all your interests are protected.

I hope I’ve shown you all the reasons why its prudent to contract a buyers agent when you’re buying property and to add further incentive, I offer my clients a better deal. That is, I will split my commission with you. As you are probably aware the commission for the agent simply comes out of the price of the home, it’s a percentage of that price. When I receive my commission, I give half of it to you–that means you will get the help of my expertise at half the price.

Give me a call today and let’s get started looking for your property.