Bankruptcy: Debtors & Creditors

Alpina Legal offers a full range of bankruptcy services to both debtors, whether an individual or an entity, and creditors. The most common types of bankruptcies for individuals are Chapters 7 and 13. Although a Chapter 11 is available to an individual, it is much more expensive and there is not much need for it when a Chapter 13 effectively serves as a “reorganization” for the individual, and at a much lower cost. The quickest and easiest bankruptcy is a Chapter 7, which is a liquidation of the individual debtor’s assets after applying the relevant exemptions. A Chapter 7 is usually the best deal for the individual as well. Chapter 12 bankruptcy also exists for individuals who are farmers. We offer basic Chapter 7 bankruptcies for as low as $800. We provide representation from filing the petition and necessary disclosures all the way to obtaining the discharge. If contested matters arise, representation for those is in addition to the basic fee.

As far as businesses are concerned, Chapters 7 and 11 are the only forms of bankruptcy available. A Chapter 7 liquidation is, for all intents and purposes, the same for an individual or business. A Chapter 11 occurs where a business uses bankruptcy to reorganize and restructure its financial situation in order to stay alive and maintain operations, but if it fails at the reorganization, it is forced into a Chapter 7 and the business’ assets are liquidated and the proceeds distributed to the creditors.

Not only can Alpina Legal provide services to the debtors in a bankruptcy, but it also provides legal representation to the creditors of the bankruptcy estate. Whether it is filing a proof of claim, moving for relief from the automatic stay, moving for either an objection or an exception to discharge, challenging valuation of collateral, or making an 1111(b) election, we can adequately represent your interests against your debtor.

If you have a legal matter that needs attention in this area of the law, take advantage of a free consultation regarding your case. Alpina Legal provides bankruptcy representation for debtors for flat fees that are affordable. Please view our free Client Education Brochure.

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