Accidents, Suffering, and You

Pain, anger, fear, loss, suffering–just a few of the things you may experience when involved in an accident. If it wasn’t your fault, then these emotions and experiences are heightened. As you have probably noticed, insurance companies can tend to see only the numbers, the amounts adding up, the black-and-white of paperwork, but you are a real, living, breathing human being and the accident you’ve been involved in has real consequences for you and your family.

You may have had a vehicle totaled, or gravely damaged, you probably experienced trauma as well to your own body.  You may have had to spend time in the hospital, may have had to take time off work or abandon your normal responsibilities. So much in your life can suffer when you are not in top condition and can no longer do what you need to do.

It’s possible, even probable that you’ve lost money due to your accident–car repairs, bodily injury, time lost from work, the problems and repercussions expand out and touch every aspect of your life. Sometimes it is even difficult to put a monetary value on all you have lost and suffered because of the accident.

If you really want to be compensated fully and fairly, you need to get a good attorney. Alpina Legal has the resources to help you. We will make sure that the guilty party and their insurance company understands you as a human being, sees the very real pain you have endured, and we will fight for you up to and during the trial, if it should come to that. We can’t give you back everything you lost because of the accident, no on can, but if you want people who intend to help you get the best possible outcome, turn to Alpina Legal. Give us a call today for a free consultation.