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Meet Chad Rasmussen

Chad Rasmussen is an attorney in Utah. He practices in Salt Lake City and Provo, along the Wasatch Front, and up in Idaho (since he is a licensed attorney in Idaho). Below is a little bio of Mr. Rasmussen that illustrates how he is one attorney in Utah that you can count on.

Mr. Rasmussen has a vast business background. Growing up he worked many jobs with many of them being self-employed. He studied business management at the Marriott School of Business Management at BYU. While studying business he participated in business plan competition, winning over $45,000. With this history, Mr. Rasmussen decided to go to law school in order to become an attorney in Utah. Specifically, he wanted to become a business lawyer that could provide not only stellar legal representation, but also advise on business and other matters and how they relate to the law.

While in law school, Mr. Rasmussen was a finalist in the regional American Bar Association negotiation competition. He was also a senior editor for the International Law and Management Review, where a business focus existed. Mr. Rasmussen enjoyed excelling in the courses of law school that are important to the practice of business law. He graduated from the BYU law school cum laude and is now an attorney in Utah and Idaho.

As an attorney in Utah, Mr. Rasmussen has the amazing ability to give undivided attention and focus to each need of each of his clients. He will make sure that you are provided the most competent legal representation on your matter. He will keep you updated on your matter. And, most of all, he will provide you with all of his services at a very reasonable price. Again, he is one attorney in Utah you can count on.

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