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Searching for a Salt Lake attorney? Wondering where to start? Finding a Salt Lake attorney doesn’t have to be a difficult or overwhelming task. We can help. Alpina Legal is a fully accredited law firm dedicated to ensuring that the law works for you. We realize that it might seem arduous to sift through many attorneys and find the right Salt Lake attorney for you, but we believe that we offer something special in terms of our expertise, integrity, and dedication.

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Alpina Legal was originally formed by a leading Salt Lake attorney, Chad Rasmussen.

Mr. Rasmussen practices law in cities up and down the Wasatch Front, including Salt Lake City and the Provo/Orem area. In fact, Mr. Rasmussen works on cases in Idaho as well, since he is also a licensed attorney in Idaho.


Mr. Rasmussen’s main area of expertise is in Business Law. If you need representation for your business, you should know that you’re in extremely capable hands when he becomes your Salt Lake attorney of choice. This is because Chad Rasmussen is adept at starting and running businesses and knows what it requires to start and grow small businesses. His academic background in business includes an undergraduate degree in Business Management from the Marriott School of Business Management at Brigham Young University. During his time at the university, Mr. Rasmussen competed in the school’s business plan competition and won. This prestigious award afforded him more opportunities to expand his business acumen.

With an insider’s knowledge of how businesses work, Mr. Rasmussen then attended law school and focused on studying business law. While in law school, Mr. Rasmussen was a finalist in the regional American Bar Association Negotiation Competition. He was also a senior editor for the International Law and Management Review. Mr. Rasmussen enjoyed excelling in the courses of law school that are important to the practice of business law. He has a law degree from Brigham Young University and graduated cum laude.

He now handles legal affairs for a variety of businesses in Utah and Idaho.

Chad Rasmussen is a highly qualified Salt Lake attorney, but more, he is a trustworthy businessman and entrepreneur who has a unique understanding of the needs of his clients. With each individual or business he represents he provides them his undivided attention and uses his laser-like focus to get optimum results. Again, when choosing your Salt Lake attorney, look to Alpina Legal and Chad Rasmussen.

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