Salt Lake Legal

According to the Utah State Bar Web site, there are over 1011 Salt Lake legal service providers (i.e., attorneys or law firms) in Salt Lake County. Most of these are attorneys that list Salt Lake as a county in which they practice, but may be based outside of the county. Of those that list Salt Lake City proper as their location, there are only 588 Salt Lake legal service providers.

With so many attorneys available, how can you find the right Salt Lake legal service provider for your legal needs?

First of all, at Alpina Legal, we pride ourselves in being able to provide full-service legal services, especially when it comes to business, commercial, and real estate legal matters. Furthermore, Alpina Legal provides consultations, so you can come ask your questions and see if we will be a good fit and if our Salt Lake legal services are sufficient for your needs.

Alpina Legal has offices in both Salt Lake and Utah Counties, so you can rest assured that we have a presence in the Salt Lake legal community. We understand the workings of the Third District Court of Utah and can effectively advocate before it. Moreover, even if your needs don’t involve litigation, we can advise and coach you in your legal matter as well as represent and negotiate for you in a transactional setting.

Alpina Legal will do what it takes to be your Salt Lake legal service provider of choice. We are confident that we can effectively represent you legal interests in whatever matter it may be. Our Salt Lake legal services will result in real value and favorable results for you!