Benefits For You

Dealing with a permanent disability due to illness or a chronic condition can be so difficult. On top of the pain and physical impairment or weakness, you usually have to worry about finances. If you can’t hold a job, how are you going to pay your bills? One option you may have considered is to apply for benefits through Social Security Disability Insurance. But how do you know whether you will qualify? Some of the common disabilities covered include heart condition, chronic back pain or spinal injuries, vision or hearing loss, asthma and other breathing issues, neurological problems, like Parkinson’s or cerebral palsy, problems with your immune system, including AIDS/HIV or lupus, liver or kidney diesase, various forms of cancer, blood disorders, and digestive tract problems. Mental illness can be covered as well, e.g., depression, anxiety, autism, etc.

If you don’t feel you fit into one of these categories, don’t fret, there are a whole host of conditions covered and we can’t list them all here. Suffice to say, there’s a good chance you could qualify if you are suffering from a condition which makes it impossible for you to work. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the laws governing whether you receive benefits are highly complex and very specific. If you really want to be successful in obtaining these benefits, you’ll need a good attorney.

At Alpina Legal we are committed to building a solid case for you and because we’ve got experience in these matters, our expertise can save you hours of pain and the possible, even probable, rejection you would receive if you tried to apply on your own. To be clear, you do have the option of applying for these benefits online, but most become overwhelmed by the amount of detail and exhaustive proof they are asked to provide.

Whether you’ve applied before and been denied, or are considering applying for social security disability benefits for the first time, Alpina Legal can help. Give us a call today and we’ll provide you a free consultation, wherein we’ll evaluate your chances of getting your much needed benefits.