Buyer Agent Commission

Looking to buy a home or purchase property? You’ll want to get a buyer agent first.

What does a buyer agent do, you ask?

A buyer agent is your advocate from the very outset of the property buying process, all the way through to the finish, when you sign the paperwork and the last signature is set to paper. Many people today try to get by without an agent, thinking that they can use online resources but those people are often disappointed in the results. Online information about homes can be outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete. Having a human being working for you will always be better than relying on your own knowledge or what you find on a computer screen.

Here is a short list of just a few of the things a buyer agent can or should do for you. A buyer agent will sit down and talk with you, finding out what is motivating your decisions–what your needs and wants are as you look for property. A buyer agent should know the property market, current trends, giving an idea of what you can expect as you look. A buyer agent should help you get as many of the items on your wish list as possible, while helping you stay within your budget. A buyer agent should research homes for you, finding the ones that meet your needs and budget–narrowing the field for you, so you have less to wade through. A buyer agent will help prepare the forms that are needed when making offers and/or counter offers. He or she will also negotiate for you on these deals. A buyer agent will be there at the housing inspection and will help to make sure that the house is in good repair. If repairs are needed, the buyer agent will help negotiate getting them done before you buy the home. Finally, a buyer agent will be there at closing, ensuring that all paperwork is in good order and represents your wishes.

In addition to being a licensed attorney, Chad is also a licensed real estate agent in Utah and a Realtor®.

Services that Chad can provide include listing real property for sale in Utah as well as representing you as a buyer’s agent. If you are purchasing real property listed on the multiple listing service, as your agent, Chad can split with you the buyer’s agent commission (typically 3% of the purchase price and which can amount to thousands of dollars).

Chad is affiliated with Equity Real Estate – Prosper Group, with Craig Collette as the branch broker. To see Chad’s page with real estate listings, go here.

Disclaimer: Representation in real estate transactions as a Realtor® is for law-related services and not the practice of law. The term “law-related services” denotes services that might reasonably be performed in conjunction with and in substance are related to the provision of legal services, and that are not prohibited as unauthorized practice of law when provided by a nonlawyer. As such, these Realtor® services are not legal services and the protections of the client-lawyer relationship do not exist. Any legal services, such as interpreting or drafting contracts, distinct from these law-related services will be subject to separate representation arrangements.