Contract Creation

Drawing up a contract can be a time-consuming and difficult affair. There are many elements required in the creation of a well-defined and carefully crafted agreement. Most lay people have no idea how to create a contract and the consequences of not doing one’s due diligence in these matters can be disastrous.

We recommend you use a trusted attorney to help you draw up an airtight contract. The basic function of a contract is to protect your rights and provide recourse in case something goes awry. We will draft a contract for you or represent you by engaging in negotiations over a contract if need be. Setting up a contract with the help of a good lawyer can save you lots of headaches and potential litigation issues down the line.

Some of the types of contracts we can work on for you include rental or lease agreements, including many types of real estate contracts. We can also create contracts for buy/sell agreements, employment relationship agreements, financing agreements, licensing agreements, and non-compete agreements.

In addition if someone comes to you wanting you to sign a contract and you are unsure, you can consult an attorney and we will review it for you, keeping your interests uppermost and help you to determine whether or not to sign the document. If we think we can work out a better deal for you, we will, with your permission, enter into negotiations for you.

Let’s say you already have a contract and the other party, in your opinion, is in breach. This poses a significant issue. You cannot, as some believe, simply drop your duties or obligations as stated in the contract. Instead, it would be wise to consult an attorney to understand the nature of the breach by the other party and what can be done on your part to solve the problem.

In short, there are many significant issues when it comes to creating and enforcing contracts and we’d like to recommend you consult an Alpina Legal attorney today for expert aid in all your contractual needs.