Creating A Contract

There are simply times in your life when you need to create a contract. Perhaps someone is purchasing goods or services from you, maybe you will be renting out a commercial space or a home or an apartment. Perhaps you are an independent contractor. Contracts protect you and the person you are entering into an agreement with. That’s why trying to write your own is not the best idea.

At Alpina Legal we ensure that the basics of a contract are met. First and foremost, that all parties are in agreement. One party will make an offer and the other agrees to that offer. The second basic is that something valuable will be exchanged for something else of value.

Many contracts, if not most, should be in writing. Getting to the point where all parties agree and the agreement is written, can take time. At Alpina Legal, we are adept at handling contract negotiations, and we’ll help you get to the point where you can put your agreements in black and white. Then, we will draft the contract for you. Do you need to create a non-compete agreement? We can create one for you that will help protect your intellectual property and creative ideas. Whether you’re involved in real estate, building, giving dance or music lessons, or a host of other needs, we can build a contract tailored to you.

What if you feel the other party is in breach of contract? This is another area where Alpina Legal can help. It can be tricky for the layperson to determine whether the contract was in fact broken. Simply breaking one small part of it may not constitute a breach. We can advise you on how to best proceed when you feel a break has been made. We can also advise you on how to proceed when you feel the other party has not complied, and we can pursue legal action against them if we determine that is in your best interest.