Estate Planning

Estate planning is a very good idea for someone who wants to ensure that when they are gone, their assets will be assigned according to their will and desires. Consulting an attorney throughout this process is a great idea. An attorney will be able to help you ensure that loopholes are closed and that the plan is thorough and completely legal.

Most of us are aware that even the closest families and associates can be challenged if they are left with a great deal of property, assets, or money to divide without a clear plan as to who should get what. This is unfortunate and indicative of the kind of society we live in, nonetheless it is a fact of life and one that should not be ignored.

It’s easy to avoid all of this drama, if you simply come into our offices. We, at Alpina Legal, can help you to establish a trust, draw up a will, and in all ways do what is necessary for your estate planning.

Have you thought about end of life care plans? This is another way in which it could be very important for you to be prepared. If you are very ill, do you want to be kept on life support, do you want your organs donated, do you want to be put in a home? These are questions we can help you ask yourself and state clearly using documents that are vetted and legal.

In addition, there are considerations to be made wherein you will want to consult a professional, these include tax filing, keeping or opening additional bank accounts, bookkeeping strategies, etc. It does sound complex, doesn’t it? At Alpina Legal, our suggestions is that you come in for a consultation whether or not you’ve made an estate plan and let us help you strengthen or start it. Give us a call today.