Facing Bankruptcy?

If you’re in debt to your eyeballs and you don’t see any way of getting out of it, sometimes declaring bankruptcy can be your best option. We understand that because of the vagaries of life, economic hardship can happen to the best of us. At Alpina Legal we want to help you get out from under the mountains of debt so you can breathe easy again.  We also want to help you protect your assets and avoid a foreclosure on your home or a repossession of your vehicle.

It’s important to know that filing for bankruptcy is not an easy process. To get the best outcome, you will need an attorney who is well versed in Utah laws and has experience in helping others with their bankruptcy cases. At Alpina Legal, we work tirelessly to help you get a discharge of your debt.

We’d like to invite you in for a free consultation. When you come in, we make it a point to go over the details of your finances with you so we get a comprehensive understanding of what your situation is. It’s imperative that you are absolutely honest about all the assets you have and the debts you owe. Once we hear your story and have a firm grasp of your issues, then we begin the process of compiling the paperwork.  We’ll then file bankruptcy at the court for you and at that point the bill collectors have to cease their efforts to collect from you. This is a temporary stay and once the bankruptcy is discharged, there will be a more permanent one in place.

We understand how stressful financial troubles can be and we want to make the process as smooth as possible. We are committed to giving you the best service at the best prices, so let us help you today by giving us a call.