Forming A Business?

Forming a business should be an exciting and enjoyable venture, one in which all parties feel empowered, secure, and confident. This is why it’s a good idea to turn to someone in the business law field to help you with your endeavor. Keeping everything above board from the very beginning sets a tone for you and your partners. In addition, it helps you avoid complications, arguments or potential disputes in the future. Establishing a connection with good business lawyers also means you will have us at your beckon call if you should have other issues arise in the future with regard to your business.

If you’ve been considering forming a business, you’ve probably been made aware of the complicated factors involved in such a venture. There is the issue of choosing the right structure–will it be a corporation, a partnership, an LLC? Getting this right is key because the implications of this choice affect many other aspects of your business–including taxes, liability, transfers, sale of the business, or dissolution.

At Alpina Legal, we draw on years of experience and expertise as we help you to form your business. We’ll draft agreements–including buy/sell agreements, operating agreements, and other origin documents to ensure that you comply with laws and regulations in effect currently in the state. We’ll also represent you if you get involved in litigation matters once your business has been formed and is up and running–if there is a contract dispute, issues with intellectual property claims, partnership disputes, etc.

There’s no longer any need to hesitate. Call Alpina Legal today to come in and discuss your business formation. We will do our best to resolve your concerns and get you started in the right way. And remember, we provide consultations. We’d love to help you make your dreams come true.