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For many of us buying a home or selling one will be the biggest financial transaction of our lives. That’s why it’s so key that you protect this asset. At Alpina Legal, we want to make sure that if you’re signing a contract, you’re making the right decisions that will ensure your future happiness and well-being.

First, let’s talk about the purchase contract. You will want to thoroughly read this document and make sure it includes the following–purchase price, how the house will be paid for, a description of the house and property included with it, and any other terms or conditions placed upon the purchase. When you run into language you don’t understand or that you find troubling, this is the time to turn to your attorney. Do not sign the contract until your attorney has reviewed the document with you and found it to be in good shape.

Most of us have to get a loan when we buy a home and if that’s true with you, your lender will want to make sure the property has a clean title. Again, this is where you will want to turn to your attorney, so that she or he can ensure that the title is clear of any claims of others, judgments, unpaid taxes, or other defects. As your attorney searches public records, she or he will be able to determine whether any issues are apparent. This can save you from purchasing something that has baggage attached or potential problems.

Not all title problems can be found, even by the best attorney, so at Alpina Legal, we recommend you buy title insurance, which protects you from unforeseen or undiscovered issues. We’ll also apply for the title insurance for you.

When it’s time to close the deal, your attorney will prepare all the closing documents, she or he will schedule the closing, and be there with you to explain all the documents and make sure you understand them. She or he will also make sure that you receive copies of most or all of the documents so that you can have proof of what ensued.

Call Alpina Legal today and we will provide you with an excellent attorney who will represent your interests in this exciting time of your life.