Looking for an Attorney?

If you’re wondering how to go about finding a Utah attorney, we’d like to help. Utah has thousands of attorneys, but we can give you some tips for choosing the right attorney for you. The search should not feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Instead, we want to help you narrow the field and find the right fit for you. Of course, we’d first like to recommend our own firm, Alpina Legal. If one of our areas of expertise corresponds with your needs, we’d love to meet with you. Which brings us to the first point–pick an attorney whose area of expertise is what you need. Some attorneys will take any case, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be great at pursuing it.

Next, look for someone who has experience. Often the amount of years practiced is a good indicator, but there are other factors as well, for example, how many cases has she won?

Third, look for someone who is located near the court where your case will be heard. This will mean that the attorney is familiar with the people there, as well as the rules. She will be known by the others there and more likely to be trusted.

Fourth, ask around about the attorney and try to determine what her reputation is. If she is well-respected by her colleagues, judges, clients, and others, this is a great sign.

Next, you will want to find out what resources this attorney has. Some attorneys are stretched to the limit and may not be able to give your case the time it requires. Others have a great staff, the time, and the interest to pursue your case with dogged reliability.

Communication style. If you contact an attorney and she doesn’t respond within 24 hours, you may want to reconsider your choice. Your attorney should be an able and responsive communicator.

We hope these tips will help you determine what attorney you’ll hire, and we hope you’ll peruse our web site and choose us to represent you. Call for a consultation today!