Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions are a part of our lives. Buying property is something most of us will do at least once in our lives, often multiple times. So many people are affected by issues surrounding this type of law–renters, landlords, homeowners, home buyers and home sellers. In addition, real estate transactions include commercial property–for doing business, farming, ranching, etc.

Real estate law can be complicated because each state has its own laws governing the transfer of property. There are two kinds of property–real and personal.

Real property refers to land and anything erected on it, or growing on it. It also refers to what is within that land, for example–minerals, oil, or gas. Personal property refers to anything other than land that can be owned–like money, stocks, and other financial notes, as well as property that can’t necessarily be seen or touched. For example, a song you have written is your property.

Almost all real estate transactions must be in writing and follow the laws of that state regarding the documentation and the transfer. This is why real estate law becomes important when you are ready to buy or sell property. You will want to ensure that all the documentation and the transaction itself are in order and that you are being treated fairly and with honesty.

Alpina Legal is here to assist you with a variety of real estate related transactions, including but not limited to purchases of property and negotiations relating to those purchases, real estate agent representation, deed of trust and mortgage creation, real estate promissory notes and financing documents, commercial and residential leases, notices of and litigation for default on any real estate transactions, evictions, title searches, zoning and use changes, creation and submission of development plans, obtaining appropriate permits for development.

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