Social Security Disability and You

You may be wondering if you could qualify for social security disability benefits. If so, here are a couple of guidelines to help you determine your eligibility. Not all jobs are covered by social security. If you have been working at a job that is covered by social security, then that is the first step to being able to qualify. Your disability will need to be one of the ones covered by social security.

If you do qualify for social security disability benefits then you are in good shape. The benefits will continue until you can go back to work.

At Alpina Legal, we can help you get your paperwork filled out and filed, increasing your chances of winning the disability benefits. To be honest, most claims for SSDI are rejected at the first level and even at the reconsideration. Even if you have an attorney, this can happen to you. But the benefit of having an attorney is that you can take your claim, if it has been rejected, and submit it before an administrative law judge.

At Alpina Legal we can ensure that your case is developed correctly, so that we leave no stone unturned in helping you make the strongest case possible for why you should receive benefits.

The layperson has no idea how to prepare their disability case. The process is complicated and thorny. At Alpina Legal, we are well informed in the ins and outs of getting disability. Is it worth the risk of trying to represent yourself and almost certainly being denied? Definitely not. You increase your chances greatly when you turn to great representatives like our staff here at Alpina Legal. We’ll also give you a consultation in which we’ll honestly assess your chances of winning the case and help you understand whether you should go for it or not. Call us today for your initial consult.