We can help you create a will

No matter your age, creating a will is a good idea for your peace of mind and that of your descendants or dependents. And, if you have a large estate, you’ll want some guidance on how to plan to take care of it after your death. Also, if you want to disinherit a spouse or are concerned that others will question your mental state and contest the will, these are important reasons to consult an attorney.

At Alpina Legal, we are happy to help you and are qualified to draw up a will and help you with estate planning. We’d like to give you some ideas of how to prepare yourself before you come in to make this process as smooth and painless, and inexpensive as possible.

First off, educate yourself a bit on what a will is versus, say, a living trust. The more you understand about what you want, the easier it will be to communicate and make sure we get it done the right way. Most of us have learned that when we have health concerns, it’s a good idea to do our own research before we talk to our doctor about them, so we can ask her detailed and relevant questions about our health problem and have a thorough discussion. We’d like to suggest you do the same kind of thing regarding wills and the like before you meet with your attorney.

At Alpina Legal, we offer consultations and suggest that you come in prepared to talk in-depth about your case. Before you come in, find out what documents you’ll need, and obtain as many of those as possible. Also, try to have a thorough understanding of your finances, your assets, etc, and have already determined what you would like to do with your estate and moneys before you come in.

Now that we’ve given you a little advice, we hope you’ll feel confident and ready to create a will. We know that once you’ve gotten this important task out of the way, you’ll feel prepared and better equipped to face the future.