Workplace Injury

Experiencing an injury at work is tough for anyone. You may have been told, too, that getting compensated for such injuries can only come through worker’s compensation. In fact, there may be other avenues for you to pursue, and Alpina Legal can help you with that.

You should ask yourself some questions about how you were injured. If your injury was caused by a defective product, for example, you may have recourse. The manufacturer of that product could be held liable.

Toxic tort lawsuits can be used against the manufacturer of such if you are injured by a toxic substance.

We hope that your injury did not come about because of your employer’s behavior, but if his or her conduct was egregious and out of line, then there is possibility of bringing a personal injury lawsuit against the employer.

Let’s say you were injured because of the actions of another employee or a supervisor. This leaves open the possibility of your bringing a suit against that person or persons.

Sometimes employers are not insured with worker’s compensation and if this is the case, you can sue the employer.

We give you these options because we know that worker’s compensation can be inadequate and that they don’t always truly compensate for time away from work, hospital bills, etc. In addition, if your employer has provided unsafe conditions for you and others, we believe that they should have to pay more as a punitive measure.

Further, if you have been injured at work, you can sometimes apply for Social Security Disability benefits. This is an arduous and time-consuming process for the layperson, but we can help you with it and greatly increase your chances of getting it.

If you’ve been injured at work, give Alpina Legal a call today and tell us your story. We offer the initial consultation free of charge.