Your Interview with the Judge

If you have been considering applying for social security disability benefits, consider employing an attorney at Alpina Legal to help you apply. The chances of winning benefits are much higher if you get the help of a competent attorney. At Alpina Legal, we are determined to do all in our power to help our clients achieve their objectives. Today we’d like to discuss one aspect of the social security disability application process: the interview. It may make you feel anxious to think that you would have to go before a judge and answer her questions, but we’d like to provide a few tips that are sure to help you prepare and feel confident in your interview.

One of the biggest mistakes the interviewed can make is failing to answer the judge’s specific question. This means that as you go into your interview you will want to keep in mind the importance of listening carefully to each question and ensuring that you are answering what the judge asked. You can take notes as you listen to the question to help you focus and understand what she is asking. And, if you don’t understand the question, tell her so and ask her to rephrase it. Be sure you understand before you answer.

The second mistake people make is that they tend to ramble, giving more information than was required, or they go completely off topic. If this happens, the judge may be irritated and/or stop listening. At Alpina Legal, we can help you prepare for this process by asking you possible questions and helping you frame your answers in a  succinct and forthright manner.

Have a clear understanding of your condition and be able to explain it in vivid and specific terms to the judge. The more specific you are, the more credibility you will have. You will also want to be honest. Don’t use hyperbole or make your symptoms seem worse than they actually are.

These are just a few tips we can offer. In the next couple weeks, we’ll update you with more.