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Alpina Legal has an office in Provo, Utah. This particular office is a Provo attorney law office. Based on the Utah State Bar Website, there are some 835 attorneys in Utah County, and of that number, there are about 84 Provo attorneys.

Chad Rasmussen, Esq., who founded Alpina Legal, is a Provo attorney, yet he provides legal services all along the Wasatch Front.

Alpina Legal provides a wide array of legal services all over the state of Utah. Although the firm is based in Provo and Salt Lake City, Alpina Legal has a Provo attorney that can service clients in the southern part of the state. Geography of the client should not be a barrier to providing legal representation to its clients.

With its objective to provide real value to clients by obtaining favorable results at a low cost, Alpina Legal represents clients in legal matters such as real estate, debt collection, estate planning, business law, and personal injury. Most of these services can be negotiated to entail hourly rates, flat fees, or contingency arrangements. What matters most to us is not so much the cost, but being able to provide excellent legal services because of our motivation to provide a great experience for our clients. We will do all we can to make sure our clients are satisfied with the experience of retaining this firm and of the results obtained.

In choosing an a Provo attorney, it is important to find the best fit when it comes to price, experience, competency, and personality. One of the reasons why you might not pursue your legal interests is because you don’t know what to do, which attorney to use, how much to pay, and if you will get what you ultimately want. Although no attorney can guarantee successful results 100% of the time, one of the valuable benefits this firm provides is that you can come meet, for free, with a Provo attorney in Alpina Legal’s office and discuss your legal issues, concerns, and matters. Through this discussion you can determine what your legal options are and, most of all, obtain a Provo attorney’s opinion of the potential for being able to accomplish what you desire to accomplish. Alpina Legal will do what it takes to show that it will exceed your expectations in each of the areas of price, experience, competency, and personality, in particular price and competency. Alpina Legal will assign an attorney to your matter who will zealously and effectively advocate for your legal interests. Thus, favorable results at a real value will be delivered.

Feel free to talk to a Provo attorney at Alpina Legal by taking advantage of a free consultation. Call our office today: (801) 747-9529.


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