Bankruptcy Utah

There are more and more bankruptcy Utah cases filed each year. With economic problems facing everyone, there are a myriad of reasons why you might want, or need, to file bankruptcy in Utah.

Before you file bankruptcy, you need to first assess you financial situation and see if it is worth your while to file a bankruptcy Utah petition with the bankruptcy court. Furthermore, it matters under which Chapter of the bankruptcy code (see Title 11 of United States Code). All of these things determine your rights and obligations when filing bankruptcy Utah.

So, with this in mind, how do you know when and under which chapter of the bankruptcy code do you file a petition? Do you need to file bankruptcy? Is it the best option? Sitting down with a bankruptcy Utah attorney at Alpina Legal can help you in answering these questions.

Some of the many legal issues that Alpina Legal can address for your bankruptcy include the following:

  • What will happen to any contracts or leases (including for housing and cars)?
  • What exemptions, if any, apply to property?
  • What happens to debts that are secured by collateral?
  • What happens after you file for bankruptcy Utah?
  • How long until a discharge is obtained?
  • Is there life after a bankruptcy Utah case is closed? How easy will it be to obtain credit?
  • How much does the bankruptcy attorney do versus the debtor?

These are just some of the bankruptcy Utah things that will invariably need to be addressed regardless if you file by yourself or you retain a bankruptcy attorney.

Alpina Legal provides bankruptcy representation for debtors for flat fees that are affordable. Please view our free Client Education Brochure.

Alpina Legal is proud to offer free consultations for all bankruptcy Utah clients. We can answer your questions and walk you through the bankruptcy process. Feel free to contact us by filling out a form below.

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