Utah Bankruptcy Court

Alpina Legal provides legal representation in bankruptcy matters, for both creditors and debtors. The Utah Bankruptcy Court is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. There are a few divisions of the Utah Bankruptcy Court: Northern, Central, and Southern.

The Website of the Utah Bankruptcy Court provides a lot of free information to potential individual debtors. However, when the purpose of filing a bankruptcy petition is to keep as much of your money and assets as possible, relying simply on the free information provided by the Utah Bankruptcy Court Website might still result in a discharge, but you might also not be in as good a situation had you contacted Alpina Legal first.

Most of the representation for debtors is provided for a flat fee. Our Chapter 7 bankruptcies run as low as $800. Chapter 13 bankruptcies run anywhere from $2,500.00 to $3,500.00 and the fee is paid throughout the duration of the plan. Furthermore, we can sit down and help advise you about important exemptions that you can and should claim. Contact Alpina Legal so that you don’t forget to file with the Utah Bankruptcy Court all of the necessary paperwork. Some of the paperwork includes all the schedules and statement of financial affairs. You must also completing the requisite debt education courses.

For creditors, most of Alpina Legal’s representation is provided at a low rate starting as low as $125.00 per hour depending on the matter. Alpina Legal has experience practicing before the Utah Bankruptcy Court, advocating for creditors, and filing timely papers in order to preserve creditors’ rights to dismiss Ch. 7 cases based on abuse, except a creditor’s debt from being discharged, or objecting to the debtor’s discharge.

For more information about bankruptcy or filing a petition with the Utah Bankruptcy Court, please visit our other Bankruptcy: Debtors and Creditors page.

Feel free to contact Alpina Legal for a consultation regarding your Utah Bankruptcy Court matter. We can discuss your matter and provide a proposal as to what the best course of action is.

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