Applying For SSDI

Thinking About Applying For SSDI?

If you are considering Applying For SSDI it’s probably a good idea to consult an attorney to help you increase your chances of winning your claim. Statistically speaking most SSDI/SSD and SSI claims are denied on the first go-round. They are also (by and large) denied at the reconsideration level.

For this reason, Alpina Legal can provide you with an attorney that will help you as you are Applying For SSDI. Our attorney will help you determine the strategies that are most likely to produce the desired effect and get you the financial benefits you deserve. He will also advocate for you if you get a hearing before an administrative law judge. We strive to get our clients hearings because they tend to be a better route for success when Applying For SSDI. While we at Alpina Legal can’t guarantee our success, we do know how to cover all the bases and ensure that your case is as fully developed as possible.

Developing Your Case

We highly recommend using an attorney because the vast majority of lay people do not have the resources, knowledge, and background necessary to get their case approved. It can be very tempting to think that you can go it alone when Applying For SSDI and save a little money by not having to pay an attorney, but it’s prudent to realize that you will more than likely be turned away and end up with nothing. Spending the money to get a good attorney is worth it if you win and are able to then receive those checks that will get you back on good financial ground. At Alpina Legal, our SSDI Attorney is deeply familiar with Social Security rules and regulations. He’s had years and years of experience working and winning cases for our clients. Specifically, our disability attorney will pore through your medical records, knowing what Utah judges will be looking for with particular medical conditions. Our attorney will also know what questions to ask your doctor.

To begin the process of Applying For SSDI, call Alpina Legal today for a free consultation and let our highly qualified attorney do the hard work for you!


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