Provo Disability Attorney

A long-term medical condition can cause a great deal of financial worry but there are ways to deal with this problem. If you have thought about seeking social security disability benefits, Alpina Legal and our Provo Disability Attorney can help. It’s our goal to improve the health and well-being of communities throughout Utah and Salt Lake counties by reaching out to individuals who are suffering medical or mental conditions resulting in loss of wages and/or employment.

We recognize that you are probably experiencing a huge amount of stress which can be a burden to both you and your loved ones. That’s why Alpina Legal is dedicated to providing a Provo Disability Attorney whose sole interest is to help you get your social security disability benefits. You can start receiving financial remuneration sooner than you think! The first step is simply to call Alpina Legal today so that we can walk you through the paperwork. Alpina Legal and our well-qualified Provo Disability Attorney are committed to assisting you with all the resources and knowledge we have acquired through our years of serving Utah and its communities.

Helping People

When you give us a call, our Utah Disability Attorney will carefully go over your medical/mental condition(s) with you and make sure he is apprised of all aspects of your illness. He can even help by going through your medical records with you in order to gather evidence for your case.

Next, he’ll walk you through the application process which includes helping you fill out the initial application. Finally, if it’s necessary, he’ll take you through reconsideration appeals and represent you at any hearings that may take place.

Our Provo Disability Attorney has a thorough knowledge of SSD law, including lesser known and finer points of the Utah laws including how to file dire need cases and over age 50 claims.

Let go of the stress and worry and put yourself in the capable and efficient hands of Alpina Legal and our Provo Disability Attorney. We are ready and waiting to help you get your social security disability benefits as soon as possible. Call now for a free consultation at 801-747-9529.


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