Social Security Utah

Are you feeling discouraged due to loss of income because of your disability? Alpina Legal is here to help. We know that Social Security Utah benefits are not easy to come by, but we also know the best ways to make Utah’s laws work for you. Alpina Legal and our attorneys consistently provide the information, guidance, and support our clients need so that they can claim their Social Security Utah benefits and get back on track financially.  

Let’s take a brief moment to walk through some of the specific ways in which Alpina Legal can help you. First, we’ll have an initial consultation with you. At this consult, we’ll be very attentive to listening to your description of your health condition. Is your condition medical, mental, or spinal? Is it life-threatening or chronic? Has it caused you to miss 12 months or more of full time employment? These are some of the questions we will ask, as we try to ascertain whether or not you have a good case for receiving Social Security Utah benefits. As we delve further into this process, our attorney can guide you to ways you can prove your disability, such as paperwork regarding doctor’s advice and medical records. We can also take you through a checklist of medical/mental health conditions that typically are covered under SSDI.

Once we have established that you have a good case, our attorney will help you prepare the necessary documents, including the initial application and, if needed, reconsideration for appeal documents.  Also, we can represent you at the SSDI hearing with a judge, should your case go that far. Our attorneys are deeply familiar with the court system, judges, and Utah laws surrounding Social Security Utah benefits, and we’re here to put that knowledge and expertise to work for you.

So don’t wait any longer, give Alpina Legal a call today and set up your appointment for a consultation. Our office is a friendly, warm environment dedicated to doing all we can to make your experience for filing for Social Security Utah benefits a good one.


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