Utah Disability Lawyer

Are you unable to work because of a long-term medical condition? Serving Utah County and the surrounding area, Alpina Legal can provide you with a Utah Disability Lawyer whose mandate it is to help people just like you. Whether your condition is physical, mental, or both, we believe that by helping you receive the social security benefits for which you qualify, we help strengthen our community as a whole.

If you can no longer work because of a medical or mental condition, we want to assure you that we can provide the resources that will help you retrieve the financial help you’ll need in order to benefit you and your family. Alpina Legal and our well-qualified Utah Disability Lawyer are committed to assisting you with all the resources and knowledge we have acquired through our years of serving Utah and its communities.

Helping People

Alpina Legal formed because we had the idea that we could help our clients to accomplish things they could not do on their own. The goal of our Utah Disability Lawyer is simply to help you get the social security benefits and get back to higher ground, so that you are more financially stable.

Our Utah Disability Lawyer will treat you as an individual and he’ll go over your medical condition carefully. Next, he’ll walk you through the application process which includes helping you fill out the initial application, and take you through reconsideration appeals (if need be) as well as represent you at any hearings that may take place.

Because our Utah Disability Lawyer knows the ins and outs of SSD law intimately, he’ll also be able to point you toward lesser known options such as dire need cases and over age 50 claims.

Our Utah Disability Lawyer will work closely with you, even helping you go through your medical records in order to gather evidence for your case.

In summary, Alpina Legal will assist you at every turn, using our expertise to make this process easier and for you and your loved ones.

If you are experiencing physical pain or mental anguish, it can be even tougher to go through this process and that’s why we’re here. Call Alpina Legal today and let our Utah Disability Lawyer provide the support and guidance you need. Call now for a consultation at 801-747-9529.


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