Utah Probate Attorney

Looking for a Utah Probate Attorney? Our state licensed attorney has had years of experience and will act as a mentor and guide to help you through the process of settling your affairs or the affairs of a deceased loved one. A Utah Probate Attorney will aid you and/or your loved one in creating a legal and thorough will. Our Utah Probate Attorney is familiar with all the laws in Utah that must be followed and will ensure that your last will and testament is effective, legal, and binding, so that in the event of you or your loved one’s death your wishes will be carried out to the letter.

But a Utah Probate Attorney can do much more than help you write a will. Specifically, our Utah Probate Attorney can assist you in locating assets that you will want to include in your will, can help you in appraising property, will aid you in preparation and filing of other will documents, will help you collect proceeds from life insurance, will take you through the process of rolling over and making elections with your 401K and/or other retirement plans, will guide you through clearing up outstanding debts that the deceased may have accrued, will help you determine what estate taxes will have to be paid, will help settle any disputes that may arise between beneficiaries or personal representatives, and will assist you in selling property or other assets the deceased had owned.

In addition, our Utah Probate Attorney will work with the courts to ensure that each and every action is both legal and binding. If you would like real estate that belonged to the deceased retitled into the names of the beneficiaries, our Utah Probate Attorney can help you with this as well. Our Utah Probate Attorney will make sure that all the proper taxes and debts are paid and then distribute what is left to the beneficiaries of the will.

We know there are a lot of things to think about as you take care of these end-of-life financial decisions and we are here to make sure that you feel supported and guided through what can be a challenging and even confusing variety of procedures. Let us take the burden off of you and through the steady and sure hand of a Utah Probate Attorney, make this process both easy and comfortable.

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