Utah Probate Process

Answering Your Questions about the Utah Probate Process

How does it work?

If you’re wondering what the Utah Probate Process means for you, you’ve come to the right spot! To be clear, ‘probate’ simply refers to a court process in which the decedent  (the deceased) will have his or her assets collected and distributed. The decedent’s creditors will be apprised of the collection and they will be paid what they are owed. Once the creditors are paid, the assets that remain will be divided between the heirs to the deceased.

How does Alpina Legal get involved with the Utah Probate Process?

Our law firm can assist the executors in properly managing this process, ensuring that the estate of the deceased is distributed to all interested parties correctly.

Let’s walk through some of the specifics of how we can help you through the Utah Probate Process.

Can you help in the administration of the Decedent’s Estate?

Yes! Our Utah probate process attorney will aid in probating the Will of the deceased. We can also help you file federal and state estate tax returns.

What if I have been appointed executor?

We can help with that! If you have been asked to be a personal representative for the estate of the deceased and you are at loose ends as to what that means or what you need to accomplish, we are here to guide you through the process.

What if I am a Beneficiary?

Our Utah probate process attorney can represent the beneficiary  and ensure the Personal Representative or Executor is correctly meeting their financial responsibilities to you.

Can you help me avoid the Utah probate process?

We can. This is simply a matter of setting up a successful and effective estate plan, and we have an attorney who can guide you through this process as well.


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