Wills Attorney

Our Wills Attorney Helps You Make Your Wishes Known

If you are thinking about estate planning and your will, it’s wise to talk to a knowledgeable Wills Attorney about your wishes. Planning now means more peace of mind and less confusion in the future. At Alpina Legal, we make it a top priority to guide our clients through the sometimes challenging process of estate planning. We carefully listen to your concerns and we’ll help you create an action plan to see that your financial assets and property are distributed according to your wishes.

The following is a list of documents we can help you to create and keep up-to-date as your life circumstances change.

Wills: A will is the centerpiece of your estate planning and an essential document. Your Wills Attorney will help you create a will that outlines your wishes about property distribution and also names an agent or representative who will carry out your plans and protect minors.

Trusts: Our Will Attorney can help you create a trust, which is a document that will allow a third party (trustee) to hold assets and assign them. Creating a trust can help you avoid the probate process.

Powers of Attorney: This document allows you to assign a person of your choice to act as your representative should you become incapacitated in some way.

Living Will: At Alpina Legal, our Wills Attorney can also help you draft a living will, which makes known your wishes regarding medical care and, particularly, end-of-life care.

These are just a few of the types of documents Alpina Legal and our Wills Attorney can help draw up for you. Obviously, if you have more complicated matters we can help you with those as well. At Alpina Legal, we recognize that each client is unique with different needs and ideas and we are committed to honoring those as well as using our expertise to help guide you when you feel out of your depth. If you want a friendly and hassle-free experience with a Wills Attorney, Alpina Legal is your best option. Call today for a consultation.


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