Utah Legal Aid

Alpina Legal is a full service law firm providing Utah legal aid all the way from negotiating transactions and deals to bringing a lawsuit, obtaining a judgment, and recovering that judgment. Furthermore, we can offer alternative forms of dispute resolution, such as negotiating, mediating, or even arbitrating any given dispute. Additionally, Alpina’s Legal aid consists of advocating for your interests in a lawsuit as well as advising clients about Utah laws.

Obtaining the right legal aid is not as straight forward as it may seem. Not all attorneys can provide Utah legal aid that is necessary: some may not practice in a given area of the law or others may be only litigators instead of being able to provide transactional legal aid in Utah.

Going to court – litigation – can be expensive and time-consuming. Before choosing any attorney, consider what legal aid the attorney can competently offer so that you can resolve your dispute in the most efficient manner possible.

Utah legal aid offered by Alpina Legal comprises of a wide range of practice areas. When think of a law firm that gives Utah legal aid, usually individuals come to mind. Most of the legal aid tailored to individuals consists of bankruptcy, personal injury, estate planning, or tax issues. Although Alpina Legal offers Utah legal aid in all of these areas, it also offers Utah legal aid in areas that are more geared to small- to medium-sized businesses, such as real estate law, business formations and negotiations, contract creation and litigation, debt collection, or trademark & copyright, just to name a few. Take a look at our service areas to learn more about the legal aid we can offer you.

Although we don’t provide free representation—we do provide reasonable and affordable consultations—Alpina Legal is competitive when it comes to its rates. We can negotiate contingency, hourly, or flat fee arrangements that will be affordable for your legal aid needs.

When you think of Utah legal aid, think of Alpina Legal. You can be confident that Alpina Legal will offer the legal aid that you need to resolve your legal concerns. And don’t forget, Alpina Legal offers consultations, so contact us today and set up a time to meet with one of our attorneys.


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