Utah Legal Services

Three Kinds of Lawyers Providing Utah Legal Services

Lawyers providing Utah legal services can be broken down into three types. The first type can be considered the Family Lawyer. The second is the Trial Lawyer, and the third is the Corporation Lawyer. Alpina Legal is a small enough and flexible enough law firm to fall under all three of these lawyers providing Utah legal services.

The Family Lawyer is a generalist when it comes to Utah legal services and would be similar to the old family doctor. This type of lawyer can advise in a wide array of areas of the law, such as contracts, estate planning (including wills and trusts), transacting real estate, as well as other problems or issues that arise implicating the law. This type of lawyer can oft times be a family friend. Alpina Legal, in providing its Utah legal services, will do its best as a Family Lawyer to avoid and prevent litigation.

The Trial Lawyer is the litigator when it comes to Utah legal services and would be the one who appears in court frequently. Many firms specialize in representing clients in court, but for Alpina Legal, this is just one of the Utah legal services it provides. The litigator is not limited to courtroom appearances, but also has to deal with procedural and evidentiary issues, such as how to identify relevant evidence and when and how to obtain that evidence. Courtroom experience is critical in being able to competently provide Utah legal services.

The third type, the Corporation Lawyer, is usually in-house counsel but need not be in order to provide Utah legal services. Alpina Legal, although obviously not in-house counsel, it provides Utah legal services to small and medium-sized business just as if it were. This type of lawyer can specialize in whatever fields of law of particular importance, such as the practice areas offered by our firm. We are particularly strong in areas such as trademark & copyright, personal injury, leases and contracts, or other business legal matters.

Alpina Legal is proud to offer Utah legal services as if it were all three types of lawyers listed above. If you have legal concern that needs attention, feel free to contact our office for a consultation to see what Utah legal services can address your needs.


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