Utah Buyer Agents

For many of us, buying a new home can be the biggest purchase of our lives and yes, it can be a very daunting experience. Nowadays there are so many options–from tiny homes, to building yourself, to twin homes, condos, townhomes, to buying a fixer upper and so much more. It can get really overwhelming looking at all these choices and wondering who you can go to for advice.

That’s why getting a buyer agent can be such a wise choice. With regular real estate agents, there is always a question of whether they’ll act in your best interest or whether they will act in the interest of the seller. Many real estate agents you encounter will be working for the sellers. Their first priority is getting the house sold. And as we all know, that’s not always in the buyer’s interest. One way of handling this problem is to get your own buyer agent.

As your buyer agent, my number one goal is to get you into a house that is right for you and is on budget. I recognize that buying a new home is a complicated business, and I’ve put in the time and analysis required to understand the market and figure out the best way to use the system to my clients’ advantage.

I can help you get a fair price and I can help you make sure that the house you want is actually up to snuff. I can also help you make sure that the mortgage is fair and doable for you at your income level. Best of all, I usually split the commission I would normally receive with you, the buyer. That means you’re actually paying yourself to work with me, and you really can’t beat that option.

Don’t wait around any longer, give me a call today and let’s find that house of your dreams!


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