Salt Lake City Bankruptcy Attorney

Alpina Legal provides stellar bankruptcy representation. Our firm can provide competent legal representation to both debtors and creditors. The founder of Alpina Legal is a Salt Lake City Bankruptcy attorney. He has experience in advising both creditors and debtors.

If you are contemplating filing bankruptcy or are a creditor that needs to assert your rights in a bankruptcy of one of your debtors, please contact Alpina Legal today to speak with a Salt Lake City Bankruptcy attorney. Since we advise both debtors and creditors, we understand what matters to both and are thus better equipped to represent you effectively when facing the other. Obviously, we can’t represent both a debtor and creditor involved in the same bankruptcy.

How Alpina Legal can help you in Chapter 7, 11, & 13

A Salt Lake City Bankruptcy attorney should be able to assist you in all of the types of bankruptcy that exist. The three most common bankruptcies that exist are Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13. For a brief description of each Chapter of bankruptcy and when it is used, please visit our Bankruptcy: Creditors & Debtors page.

Alpina Legal can provide help in all bankruptcy matters to all clients in the Northern Utah area. As a firm with a Salt Lake City Bankruptcy attorney, we are able to easily serve this geographic area of Utah.

Although the Utah Bankruptcy Court Website has many resources to help someone file bankruptcy pro se, the process is complex and quite daunting. Furthermore, for creditors, there are almost no self-help resources to aid in protecting your rights as a creditor. Having a competent law firm with a Salt Lake City Bankruptcy attorney guide you through the process is an invaluable asset.

Alpina Legal provides representation at reasonable rates and free consultations to all prospective clients. Don’t hesitate to call, contact Alpina Legal today in order to speak with a Salt Lake City Bankruptcy attorney.

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