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  • Alpina Legal: Here For You

    Alpina Legal has been serving Utah Valley and the surrounding community for many years. As a legal group our first priority is our clients–your needs, your wants, your interests. We believe in doing our part to make the world and our neck of the woods a better place. That means a commitment to the values […]

  • Your Interview with the Judge

    If you have been considering applying for social security disability benefits, consider employing an attorney at Alpina Legal to help you apply. The chances of winning benefits are much higher if you get the help of a competent attorney. At Alpina Legal, we are determined to do all in our power to help our clients […]

  • Bankruptcy 101

    Bankruptcy is on the rise in the United States. Today we’d like to discuss the warning signs that may show you are heading toward bankruptcy. First, are you missing payments or are you paying your bill slate? If this is the case ask yourself why. Is it because you’re simply disorganized, or is it because […]

  • We can help you create a will

    No matter your age, creating a will is a good idea for your peace of mind and that of your descendants or dependents. And, if you have a large estate, you’ll want some guidance on how to plan to take care of it after your death. Also, if you want to disinherit a spouse or […]

  • All About Alpina Legal

    Alpina Legal is a small firm located in Provo, Utah. We specialize in a variety of types of law, including business, collections, real estate, accident/injury, divorce, and more. There are many benefits to using a small firm for your legal needs. One of the best things is that you get real, hands-on expertise and personal […]

  • Local Attorneys, Your Best Choice

    Using a local attorney is the best way to meet your needs when dealing with a local matter. Alpina Legal is a small firm dedicated to improving and strengthening our communities along the Wasatch Front. Our firm deals in a variety of subjects including forming corporations, divorce, real estate matters, collections and so much more. […]

  • Contract Creation

    Drawing up a contract can be a time-consuming and difficult affair. There are many elements required in the creation of a well-defined and carefully crafted agreement. Most lay people have no idea how to create a contract and the consequences of not doing one’s due diligence in these matters can be disastrous. We recommend you […]

  • Workplace Injury

    Experiencing an injury at work is tough for anyone. You may have been told, too, that getting compensated for such injuries can only come through worker’s compensation. In fact, there may be other avenues for you to pursue, and Alpina Legal can help you with that. You should ask yourself some questions about how you were […]

  • Estate Planning

    Estate planning is a very good idea for someone who wants to ensure that when they are gone, their assets will be assigned according to their will and desires. Consulting an attorney throughout this process is a great idea. An attorney will be able to help you ensure that loopholes are closed and that the […]

  • Your Social Security Disability Case

    Have you been considering applying for social security disability benefits? We don’t want to discourage you, but the process is lengthy and the outcome is usually that the case will be denied. The fact is that most claims are dismissed. You can then appeal, and your chances go up slightly . In order to increase […]

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